Since 1989, the "Association Canaux Ioniques" organizes a yearly meeting which aims at gathering the international scientific community working on all aspects of Ion channels. This meeting allows academics, students, as well as scientists from the pharmaceutical industry to share their latest advances in a relaxed but nonetheless studious atmosphere.

In 2017 we will set up a milestone in the Ion Channel meeting organization. Indeed, this year we are organizing the first joint meeting with the SFICT (Structure and Function of Ion Channels and Transporters) society. This society has an organizing committee composed of group leaders of laboratories involved in ion channels investigation from Spain, Portugal and Italy. They set up a biennial two-day workshop that draws about 50 people from the international ion channels community. This year, for their 6th edition, they accepted our invitation to join the French Ion channel meeting.

This joint meeting will be a great opportunity for us to open our well-established meeting to new attendees and to start fruitful new collaborations with people who, very close to us, work in the same field and share the same passion for science in general and on ion channels in particular.

We hope that many of you will be able to attend this 6th SFICT workshop/28th ion channel joint meeting that will take place in Sète, September 10th through 13th.